Gums, which can affect dental aesthetics positively or negatively, can affect people both sociologically and psychologically. Gum appearance, which is evaluated in various situations such as healthy gums, color and level of gums with teeth, can disturb people in some cases. In evaluating dental aesthetics; It is checked whether the gums are healthy, the color is ideal, and the harmony between the gum and the tooth. If there is any non-aesthetic appearance related to the gums and teeth, pink aesthetic applications are performed and gingival and dental aesthetics are provided in a short time.

In order for a gingiva to be expressed as healthy, it must be light pink in color, look shiny and rough, resembling an orange peel, and adhere tightly to the tooth and bone. If these conditions do not exist, it will not be possible to talk about the phenomenon of gingival aesthetics, and it will not be possible to talk about facial aesthetics in general. For this reason, we should evaluate the pink aesthetic method and its applications and solve the tooth or gum problems in a short time.