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Pink Aesthetics

To create an aesthetic smile, tooth-gingival harmony should be ensured. The amount of gingiva that appears during smiling also affects the appearance of the teeth. Asymmetrical gingival edges cause the smile line to appear crooked. These problems are usually solved in a single session, without bleeding and without stitches, with new technologies. It is a method used in smiles that we call ‘Gummy-smile’, where the gums appear more than normal when smiling.

The elongated parts of the gingiva that disrupt the smile aesthetic are cut and removed under anesthesia. On the contrary, by adding tissue to the areas where gingival recession is high, the teeth that seem to be longer can be made to look more aesthetic. Another point that concerns gingival aesthetics is; It is the asymmetrical appearance of the gingiva that occurs as a result of the collapse of the jawbone, especially in the tooth extraction areas in the anterior teeth. Lost tissues can be regained with some prosthetic and surgical methods. In cases where the aesthetic problem also covers the teeth, an ideal smile is designed by applying porcelain laminates after the gum operation.

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