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Lip wrinkles are one of the biggest skin problems that women face from the age of 30. Because wrinkles around the lips can make you look older than you are. Most people are aware that as they get older, wrinkles around the lips will occur. So what causes these lip contour wrinkles?

Wrinkles around the lips; when you laugh, it can come out when you turn it down. Lip wrinkles become deeper and more numerous as the skin ages, as there is more loss of collagen and elastin. Over the years, due to the tightening of the muscles around the lips, the breakdown of the elastin fibers in the skin around the lips can create the appearance of crow’s feet. Another reason for wrinkles around the lips is the damage done to the skin by UV sun rays.

The methods we use in the treatment of wrinkles around the lips applied in our clinic can be applied individually or in combination, depending on the level of wrinkles. The most commonly used wrinkle control technique is botox application. With Botox, the activity of the overworked muscle and its wrinkle effect on the skin are reduced. Botox injection is an application that takes about 10 minutes. Botox, the effect of which starts gradually, reaches the maximum level within 15 days and this continues for 4 months. Botox treatment in wrinkles around the lips, an average of 4-month injections should be repeated. The quality of the materials used also increases the success. The patient can return to his daily life immediately after botox application.

It is also possible to use filler application alone for those who do not prefer botox treatment around the lip.

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