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Gum Diseases

Periodontology is the main branch of dentistry dealing with the health and maintenance of gingival and surrounding tissues. Good oral hygiene is the basis of oral health.


In cases where oral hygiene is not sufficient, various gingival problems occur. 70% of tooth loss in adults is due to periodontal diseases. These diseases can be treated easily and successfully when diagnosed at an early stage. Prevention or treatment of gum disease; It also brings other benefits such as protecting natural teeth, providing more comfortable chewing and better digestion.

The main cause of gum disease is the failure to remove the bacterial plaque on a regular basis. Bacterial plaque accumulates and causes problems such as dental calculus, caries, bad breath. If the bacterial plaque is not removed, the minerals in the saliva precipitate and calculus forms. The calculus puts pressure on the gingiva and causes problems such as swelling, redness, bleeding and odor.

Gingival disorders can be prevented before they progress to an advanced stage with regular dental scaling and dental examination every 6 months.

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