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Implant Top Prostheses

Implants are titanium parts that are placed in the jawbone to complete the missing tooth and imitate the tooth root.
Many problems encountered in classical treatments are eliminated by applying crown-bridge and removable prostheses with implant treatment. For example, instead of the classical bridge method, which is made by cutting both teeth adjacent to the missing tooth, in order to eliminate a single missing tooth, it is possible to obtain both aesthetic and healthy results by implanting this missing tooth.

After the time required for the osseointegration, that is, the fusion of the bone and the implant, is completed, the spacer piece, which will imitate the visible part of the tooth called the ‘abutment’ in the mouth, is screwed onto the implant, which will form the infrastructure of the prosthesis. This is a painless, easy and short-term procedure. After this application, your prosthesis will be ready to be placed in the mouth in about 1 week by taking measurements on this piece.

In order for the implant to fuse with the bone in the implanted area, no force should be applied to this area. This means that we do not eat any food from the operated side. More attention should be paid to oral hygiene by feeding with liquid or soft foods.

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