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Laminate Teeth

In cases where you cannot smile confidently due to caries, abrasions, fractures or structural reasons, your teeth can be given a natural beauty with the leaf porcelain method. While fillings and full veneers were the only solution in such adverse situations before, leaf porcelains are now a new alternative.

Although it has been known for many years, the shape and color of the teeth can be changed permanently thanks to the laminated porcelains, which cannot be applied much due to its difficult technique. Since they are very thin and do not contain metal, the leaf porcelains that allow light to pass through look like natural teeth.
Laminates are a material consisting of very thin porcelain leaflets with a thickness of 0.3 mm, which are adhered only to the anterior surfaces of the teeth. Generally, it can be applied without cutting the teeth, or it can be applied by making a roughening of 0.3 mm over the teeth. There is no need to carry out any abrasive process on the neck of the natural tooth and the surface facing the inside of the mouth.

Leaflets can be prepared in the desired color, size and shape. In this way, it is possible to permanently change the shape and color of the teeth. This feature provides a great advantage for patients who want permanent whitening. Especially employees who smoke cigars or cigarettes prefer laminate rather than regular dental cleaning. Thus, a polished surface is obtained that cannot turn yellow with cigarettes, tea or coffee.

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